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With an increasing number of students needing professional writers to write their essays, the writing service market is constantly growing. New companies appear every year promising to offer unique services. They invest in skilled customer support staff. Others hire only high-class writers. Still, not all writing companies manage to remain in the clients’ top preferences. From our point of view, the only criterion that differentiates a company from others is its ability to deliver constant quality.

We created the following Wiseessays review after detailed research. We read the company’s website, Wiseessays.com. We also read what past customers were saying on forums. Our investigation was extended on social media as well. Thus, we made sure that we have solid proof to support our statements.

The Wiseessays company is owned by a Bulgarian company. Its name is Steadi Ltd. They work with different skilled writers who can meet various academic levels. They can write for high school students. But, they can also write a doctorate thesis or a paper for university. The company was launched in 2011. So, we expect to find details about a reliable provider that knows how to select writers and deliver the highest quality.

However, we didn’t find positive reviews only. We got in contact with past clients on forums who mentioned that they received low quality from Wiseessays writers. They mentioned that their writers don’t have the necessary skills and expertise to write for more than high school level.

Pricing Range

When we entered on Wiseessays.com, we immediately found sufficient information about their pricing system and available discounts. We liked that they are organized and have a separate page for this topic. Thus, we could find that clients usually pay $14.95 for one page of content. We compared this fee to what other similar companies are asking. Therefore, we can say that they stick to the market’s average.

We recommend you to go not get too enthusiastic about the price mentioned on the pricing matrix. You can take the price lower if you look for the right discounts. For example, we discovered that if you are a new client, the price on the first order will be 15% lower. Also, if you had a past order that didn’t have good quality but you still decide to place new orders on their website, you can get a 10% discount.

Another positive element is that Wiseessays offers extra advantages to loyal clients. Therefore, if you are already working with them for a long time, you will receive more discounts. The percentage is determined by the number of pages you ordered on Wisessays so far. For instance, if you placed an order between 20 and 49 pages until now, you will receive a 5% discount. The percentage goes to 15% for 100+ total number of pages.

They also encourage clients to place high volume orders and they attract them with generous discounts. For instance, if you have an order of 10 to 24 pages, you will pay with 5% less. The discount goes up to 15% in case your order sums up more than 50 pages.

List of Services

Wiseessays has a long history in the writing niche. Therefore, their portfolio of services is permanently adapted to meet the clients’ requirements. If you go on Wiseessays.com, you can order one of the following services:

  • Essays on any subject
  • Research papers
  • Homework help
  • Case studies
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Doctorate paper
  • Application essay
  • Editing and proofreading services

Their writers are open to taking any type of other assignments. Each new topic helps them develop new skills and expand their portfolio. As for the difficulty level, the writers can meet any academic standard. They can write papers for high school students. Also, they can deliver content for graduate, undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. levels.

Paper quality is another aspect that we checked. Thus, we discovered that they have a customer support department in place. They are permanently available to answer clients’ questions and come with friendly solutions for any situation.

According to the Wiseessays website, the company works with ENL writers or professionals with advanced skills. We wanted to check how well-prepared these professionals are. So, we asked for some samples. We also looked for more evidence online. We discovered that most of their samples have good quality standards. However, we also read opinions from clients who were not happy with what they received. They complained that some writers couldn’t understand the requirements and had low English skills.

For those clients who are looking for the top quality only, Wiseessays has personalized service. It comes with an extra fee. Clients can ask to work with a writer with whom they worked in the past and delivered good results. Also, they can place their orders to the top 10 best writers working for the company. However, we consider that Wiseessays should do more than asking these extra fees. It should be their responsibility to hire experienced writers only. Thus, they keep high-quality standards and improve the clients’ satisfaction level.

As we are talking about extra fees, you should also know that you can receive a plagiarism report for $9.99. The report will have a maximum of 3850 words.

Payment Alternatives

Wiseessays has developed a large list of payment solutions. You can find all accepted methods on the Wiseessays.com homepage. One of the most popular alternatives is via PayPal. Also, clients can pay using their credit or debit card. The company accepts cards issued by AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Solo, Discover, and Diners Club. WireTransfer is another method that can be used by clients to pay for their orders.

Even though the list is long, we liked that the company uses only verified solutions. This is a clear sign of respect towards clients and care for their accounts.


As no writer is perfect, we recommend that you check carefully the list of guarantees offered by Wiseessays. Thus, in case you are not happy with the quality, you should know how you can ask for your money back.

Money Back Policy

Clients can receive a full refund in case the assigned writer doesn’t meet the deadline. The same condition applies if the writer doesn’t deliver any paper. Also, in case a client paid twice for the same order, the amount will be refunded. Whenever a situation appears and you want to make a money-back request, you should contact the Wiseessays customer support department. In case you received the paper after the deadline but you want to use it anyway, you will also get some money back.

Revision Terms and Conditions

Once you receive a paper, it is your responsibility to check it immediately. In case you discover that the writer didn’t follow your guidelines, you have three days from the date of receipt to ask for revisions. You will get this service for free. Considering that we found the feedback from past clients of Wiseessays mentioning that the writers have issues with quality, we recommend you to take things seriously. The deadline for revisions is 14 days. You can ask for a new round of revisions after the initial revision in three days after you receive it.

Plagiarism Policy

Wiseessays is committed to delivering unique papers. Thus, the company has a plagiarism policy. It encourages clients to check the paper’s uniqueness level. In case the percentage is lower than 100%, the writer will do a free revision and editing. We consider that this is a good decision that helps the policy maintain a solid reputation.

Is the Site Legit?

We consider that Wiseessays.com is a legit website. The strongest argument is that they have a solid list of policies that protect both the client and the writers. Also, their customer support department can be contacted anytime. Apart from online contact, the company also has two phone numbers. Therefore, they are transparent and clients can reach them without difficulties whenever they need something. However, we consider that they should invest more in their screening strategy. They need more ENL writers to reconsolidate their reputation and improve the clients’ satisfaction level.


We like Wiseessays for the following reasons:

  • The customer support staff are well-trained and always available
  • A detailed list of payment alternatives
  • Different services available


We consider that Wiseessays should put more efforts in improving the following aspects:

  • Inconsistent quality delivered by their writers
  • The revisions’ deadline is of 14 days

To Sum Up

We consider that Wiseessays is a legit company that delivers writing services. They have a long history in the market and many satisfied clients. Also, they offer diverse methods of payment. On their websites, clients can find comprehensive policies dedicated to refunds, revisions, plagiarism, or confidentiality. Thus, clients should trust them for placing orders on their website. However, we cannot ignore the negative reviews mentioning that the Wiseessays writers’ work quality is inconsistent. Therefore, our recommendation is to check carefully the paper when you receive it and ask for revisions if necessary. On the other hand, you can go for safer options, like the Pendrago company.

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