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Students decide to pay for writing services for different reasons. Some want to get good grades in all classes. Even though they don’t like a topic, they expect to take an A+. Therefore, they pay professional writers to help them with assignments on less favorite subjects. Other students have a part-time job. Thus, their time is limited. As they want to keep a good academic performance, they choose online writing services.

Studybay is one of the many companies offering writing services. They work with professional writers who are paid to write essays on different topics. Edutec Limited owns the company and its web domain, Our investigation showed that this is a Maltese company.

When we started Studybay review, we decided to be objective. Thus, we checked different sources of information. We read the information available on the company’s website and compared it with what was written on blogs and forums. To begin, we found out that Studybay uses a bidding process. We are not big fans of this system. However, we decided to give it a chance and read more about it.

How does this system work? After you fill in all details of your essay, your order will appear on the Studybay platform. The available writers will send you bids. The client will have to choose a professional who seems to have a good balance between experience and offer. From our point of view, this process is not in the customer’s favor. Not everyone has the necessary experience to choose a good writer for his/her order.

Also, the evaluation process is time-consuming. Clients will have to check each profile before they decide with whom to work. Also, it may happen that the first bids don’t come so fast. Therefore, customers will have to wait until they receive the first offers. On the other hand, by using this system, you will pay a lower price in comparison to the market’s average.

Pricing System

Even though you will receive different offers from clients, you can find out how much the average price might be for your essay. On, you will find a calculator that will tell you how much you will pay after you add all details. For example, for one page of content for the high school level, you might pay $6. If you check what happens on the market, you will see that this is one of the lowest prices available.

The price differs based on how difficult your paper is. Studybay works with writers who can write on different subjects and difficulty levels. Therefore, you can order papers for college, university, master’s, or Ph.D. To form an opinion on how much the writers might ask, you can check the pricing page. There you will find different scenarios with the prices for each case.

For instance, you will pay only $5 for one page of the term paper. The deadline for this paper is 6 hours. The same quotation is available for reflective practice or a simple essay.

If you order more pages, the price drops. For example, you can order your dissertation and pay only $4 for one page. You will get your thesis paper delivered in about 3 weeks. Also, you can receive a research paper of one page in 4 hours for $6.

Finally, we discovered that they offer an extra bonus for new customers. Therefore, you will get $5 as a bonus when you place your first order on Studybay.

Types of Services

We found a very long list of services. We could say that this company’s writers can write about anything. Clients can order the following services:

  • Any type of essays
  • Resume writing
  • Copywriting
  • Case studies
  • Business plans
  • Thesis
  • Editing services
  • Literature review
  • Homework help
  • Reflective writing
  • Research papers
  • Term papers
  • Q&A

The list doesn’t end here. It’s practically impossible to not find a service for what you need. Still, if you don’t find anything for your type of content, the customer support department is the key. You can contact their staff and give all details of your paper. They will find a solution for what you need and help you find a category for your essay.

As for the academic levels, Studybay writers can cover all difficulty standards. You can count on them for high school papers. Also, they can deliver content for master or doctorate.

However, we want to warn you about the risk of receiving poor quality. This is one of the risks that clients who choose the bidding system should assume. If you don’t have experience working with writers in the past, it will be difficult to choose the right professional. All responsibility falls on your shoulders and you cannot blame Studybay for not selecting a good writer.

Also, our investigation showed that most of their writers are originally from Kenya. As we know, Kenya is not a native English country. Thus, the risk of working with a non-native writer is higher. Before approving one writer, our strong recommendation is to check carefully who is the writer with whom you are going to work.

Payment Alternatives

Whether you are a student or businessman, you will find the payment system very simple. The first step is to open an account on You will need to send money to your virtual wallet available on the website. You will use this money to pay for your future orders. The transfer can be done through Payoneer or PayPal. Studybay also accepts payment via MasterCard or VISA cards. All these methods are very safe and require in-depth verification of the payer.


Studybay pays close attention to customer protection. Therefore, they developed different policies that offer clients the guarantee that their interests are protected.

Refund policy

We read the refund policy available on and we liked what we found. Clients can get all money back if the writer doesn’t deliver the paper according to the agreed deadline. In case the paper was delivered on time but the plagiarism percentage is very high, clients can ask for a full refund. The same condition applies to situations when the content is full of grammar and spelling errors. It is not acceptable to pay for a paper that is not unique, misses the topic, and is not error-free.

In case you asked for several revisions and the paper continues to have errors, you can ask for 90% of your money back. You will receive the same amount if the writer doesn’t agree to make any revision even if you asked for one.

The customer support department will take care of each refund request. Therefore, once your request is accepted, they will take care to transfer the funds to your virtual wallet. You decide what to do next. You can either withdraw the money or use it for future payments.

Revision policy

The revision policy is very flexible. Clients can ask for as many revisions they want until the writer delivers a paper that meets the standards. Even though a paper comes on low quality, you should give your writer a second chance. Thus, you should ask him to take a second look at the paper and review it. In case the quality remains low, you can request money back.

Should You Trust the Site? has both strong points and weaknesses. We liked that we found comprehensive policies. They protect the clients’ interests with clear guidelines on refunds, revisions, and privacy. GDPR is an important topic for Studybay and they take it seriously. Also, we appreciate that they use only verified payment methods. From this perspective, we could say that the site is legit.


We think that Studybay does well on the following aspects:

  • Some of the lowest prices on the market
  • Anti-plagiarism software available on the website to keep the uniqueness level high


We consider that Studybay can make some changes in the following sections:

  • The bidding process is very time-consuming
  • There is an increased risk to choose inexperienced writers

To Sum Up

Our conclusion is that Studybay is not the most convenient option for stressed students. In general, students need papers with a short deadline. Thus, they don’t have enough time to wait for bidders to send their offers on Studybay. On the other hand, the prices are attractive to this category of audience. Thus, if you have enough time to invest in finding the right client, then Studybay can be a good option. However, if you want to have the guarantee to work with native writers, we recommend you to search for other companies. For example, you can take a look at Eduvinci or Pendrago.

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