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LEWS Score:

LEWS score for PaperHelp

  • Quality 3.2/10
  • Support 3.3/10
  • Delivery 3.6/10
  • Interface 3.7/10

Paperhelp is a writing company that managed to collect mixed opinions from past customers. They offer professional services for students who need an essay urgently and with high quality. The company appeared in 2008. Thus, we consider it has enough experience to know what the clients need and deliver professional services. Our main source of information for Paperhelp review was their website. We were positively surprised by the user-friendly website. You don’t have to search too much to find the information you need. As most clients are always in a hurry, they need to find the details they need without too much stress.

Another positive element is that the company offers reliable guarantees. They have a plagiarism policy. Also, the customer support department is permanently available to help clients. Their extensive portfolio of services makes Paperhelp a competitive player in the writing industry.

However, things are not so perfect as they seem. When we start a review, we always check for past clients’ opinions. With Paperhelp, we were surprised to find out that not everyone was happy with the papers they received. Some of the clients we discussed mentioned that you never know who will write your paper. It may be assigned to a non-native writer. This means that its quality is compromised.

Price Range

When we read the first negative feedback, we thought that the customers’ dissatisfaction will be reflected in the price matrix. We discovered that a client can easily calculate how much they will pay. If you go on, you can use a calculator to understand how much your paper will cost. All you have to do is fill in some details.

The standard price at Paperhelp for a high school essay of one page is $10. As we know very well what’s the market’s average price, we concluded that this rate is very affordable. When you are a student, you can afford to pay such a price without too much effort. However, if you need the content to meet higher academic levels, the fee will automatically grow.

It also differs based on the writer’s proficiency. The standard fee we mentioned above is applicable for a writer with basic experience. If you want to receive your paper from an ENL writer with excellent reviews, then you should also be comfortable to pay more money.

List of Services

There’s no doubt that Paperhelp has enough history on the market to develop a large list of services. Over the years, they managed to keep pace with the clients’ needs and trends. Thus, they added different services to their portfolio. Right now, writers at Paperhelp can deliver the following types of content:

  • Essays on different topics
  • Research papers
  • Business proposals
  • Help with homework
  • D. thesis
  • Reviews for movies or books
  • Study case
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Application letter

One service that differentiates Paperhelp company from its competitors is the online lectures to the summary. When clients see such a comprehensive list of services, many clients expect that the quality should be flawless. However, past Paperhelp customers’ feedback shows that they are not so perfect as everyone expects.

You can be sure that you will get high quality if you pay extra money for features like “Advanced writer” or “Top writer”. Thus, your order will be assigned to some of the Paperhelp best writers. Even though the final price will be higher, you won’t have any stress when it comes to delivered quality.

The writers at Paperhelp are trained to deliver papers on different academic levels. Their expertise starts with the basic high school level and continues with college, university, and doctorate. So, they can meet the expectations of both junior and senior students without problems.

The ordering process is very clear. The first step is to complete the order form with the requested details. Apart from the basic information, you can also add instructions and ask to receive additional features. For example, you can choose to work with the best available professional or receive a detailed report for plagiarism. Each additional feature means extra money. Also, you will find the final price from the online calculator.

Payment Options

The ordering process is very clear and easy to use by the type of client. offers complete instructions on how to order an essay and how to finalize the payment. After you enter all required details and you agree with the price delivered by the calculator, you can hit the button that takes you to the payment section. Paperhelp uses verified methods that protect customers’ accounts. Therefore, you can choose to pay with your Mastercard, VISA, JCB, or Discover card. Also, you can send the payment via Apple Pay and Splitit.


A company protects both the writer and the client when they have detailed policies that cover different situations. We found on different policies for revisions and refunds. However, we didn’t identify any terms and conditions for security and data protection.


The money-back policy includes different scenarios when the clients can ask for a refund. For example, if you made an additional payment by mistake, you will receive the entire amount immediately. You will get your money back if no writer is assigned for your paper and you decide to cancel the order. In case the deadline was not respected, you can also ask for a 100% refund.

Clients can get a maximum of 70% from what they paid if you cancel the order before you reach half of the deadline period. In case you decide to ask the writer to stop working on your paper when the deadline is close, you can only receive 50% of what you paid. You can also ask for half of the paid amount in case you ask for a revision but Paperhelp doesn’t find a skilled proofreader to take care of your request.

Revision Policy

You can ask three free revisions in the first week after the writer submits the paper to your attention. The period increases to 14 days if your order is higher. It is essential to not approve the paper before you check it very well. In case you approve it, the writer will assume that you are happy with the quality received. Thus, you will no longer be eligible to ask for free revisions.

In case you take no action in the first 7 days since the writer sends you the paper, the approval will be done automatically. If you discover any errors after the automatic approval, the proofreading and editing services will be charged separately.

Should Clients Trust the Site? is definitely not a scam. We support our statement with the secure payment options offered by the vendor. Clients use their credit/debit cards or use verified payment methods. Also, has a professional structure and is user friendly. Finally, the refund and revision policies protect the clients and become a solid proof that they should trust Paperhelp.


Our reviews are different from others because they are objective. Even though we read negative things about the website, we want to be fair and highlight some advantages:

  • User-friendly website
  • A diverse list of services that can meet any requirement
  • Unique online lecture to summary service
  • Ability to deliver papers in 3 hours


The customer reviews showed us that Paperhelp needs to do some improvements. We identified the following weak points:

  • Their prices for urgent papers exceeds the market’s average
  • They should work to improve their online reputation

To Sum Up

Paperhelp is a writing company with a long history in the market. They appeared in 2008 and since then they dedicated their resources to keep customers satisfied. Even though they work with many writers and offer a long list of services, not all clients are happy with their quality. What we liked about them is that they protect the clients with revision and refund policies. Still, we consider that they should make their screening process more exigent and pay attention to what type of writers they hire. Thus, they will manage to deliver consistent quality.

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