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When we started our Edudemius review, we consulted only legit sources. This is our advice for any student who needs a professional writer. We encourage them to read the company’s website and check what customers also say about their services. If you get the same information from different sources, it means that this is the truth.

On we found the basic information about the company and its founder. DDW corp. is based in Cyprus and launched Edudemius business some years ago. Their mission is to help students who cannot deliver essays or research papers. Our research showed that they are doing a good job and clients are mostly happy with the paper’s quality.

We also sent some trial orders and asked for samples from different writers. This is a good method to check whether a company says the truth in its presentation. We had a pleasant surprise. The content had no errors. It was unique and the writer did detailed research. So, we concluded that students can rely on their services without a problem.

Price Offer

Edudemius is different than its competition for its low prices. A client pays, on average, $10 per page. This quotation is applicable for a high school essay which will be delivered in 14 days. If you already worked with other writing companies, you will notice immediately that they offer a bargain.

One thing we liked about the website is that it is well-organized. Customers can easily find the page dedicated to applicable fees. Thus, you will notice that the prices differ based on the paper’s difficulty. You won’t pay the same amount for a high school paper and a dissertation.

You will find a calculator on the page. You can use it to calculate the final price based on some parameters. You will have to enter the number of pages, academic level, citation format, main subject. The calculator will give you a final estimate to help you form an opinion of the necessary budget you should have. Thus, when all work is done, you will have no surprises in terms of payments.

On, you can also read about the available price reductions. The staff working for customer support can offer you detailed information on the conditions you need to meet to benefit from discounts. Apart from helping you calculate your budget, customer support staff can come with writer recommendations. They know very well all the writers working for Edudemius and can propose you to work with a certain expert who can meet your requirements.

We also recommend you to try their referral program as it brings extra discounts. When a client is satisfied with the collaboration, Edudemius staff encourages his/her to send a promotion code to their network of friends. If they get new orders from someone who used your code, you will also get some money. It’s up to you what you want to do with this money. For example, you can use it for future orders or withdraw it to your bank account.

List of Services

Most clients reach Edudemius for academic content. Their writers can meet different levels of difficulty. For example, they can write essays for high school students and also deliver a doctorate thesis. If you need a convincing admission letter, then should be the starting point. In case you don’t find any category to match your needs, you can choose the “other” option. It covers any type of writing that doesn’t fall into a clear category.

While essays are some of the most popular orders for the vendor’s writers, they can write more than that. You can order book reviews, thesis, business proposals, research papers, or admission letters. The list is longer than that, but you will have to discover it when you enter the website.

Apart from writing, Edudemius works with proofreaders and editors. Thus, you can get a complete package of services to satisfy even the pickiest needs. Their writers have a solid experience in different subjects and can deliver papers for high school, doctorate, masters, or university level.

Not what you know what to expect in terms of services, we want to tell you more about the papers’ quality. We read many client’s reviews. The general feedback is that the writers are reliable, and they maintain high standards. We found only a few reviews mentioning that they found some mistakes in their paper, but they were immediately corrected during one revision exercise. Also, many customers mention customer support availability. They received immediate and comprehensive information about any request.

Payment Methods

We believe that a company is reliable when they protect customers with safe payment solutions. Edudemius is no exception to this rule. It impressed us with diverse methods. For example, you can pay for their services through Skrill. Many students know the platform and know it is easy to use. Also, they accept card payments. The accepted cards or funds transferred using MasterPass or Paysafe. Before they finalize the payment, customers need to sign up on and create an ID and password. This is an extra layer of security for both clients and the company.


We consider that the guarantees section is essential. It influences a company’s reliability. We had a look at and we found the following information.

Commitment to Deadlines

The students’ biggest challenge is to stay committed to deadlines. As many of them have part-time jobs or are involved in extracurricular activities, it becomes difficult to deliver an essay when the professor asked for it. Knowing these struggles, Edudemius writers focus on keeping delays percentage to zero. In case they cannot keep this commitment for various reasons, clients can ask for all or a part of their money back. Still, we feel that the company should also come with clear examples of situations when they refused a refund request.


Students are very sensitive when it comes to confidentiality. Edudemius developed a clear privacy policy to secure customers that their data is protected no matter what. In case they receive a request coming from a third party, the customer support staff will contact the client and ask for their approval. Also, if a past client asks to be deleted from their database, Edudemius will do this without objections.

Free Revisions

Customers can ask for revisions without extra charges. As long as you delivered detailed instructions and the writer didn’t stick to them, you can ask him/her to review the essay. You will have to ask it 10 days before the initial deadline communicated to the writer.


No student got a good grade in school when he/she delivered a copied paper. Thus, we paid increased attention to the vendor’s originality policy. According to their terms and conditions, the writers are obliged to deliver papers with a maximum of 90% uniqueness percentage. Also, the paper comes with a plagiarism report. Therefore, clients have a solid proof that the writer did a good job and they won’t risk getting a bad grade because of plagiarism.

Website Reliability

Before we give a verdict if Edudemius is legit or not, we tried their services ourselves. After checking different sources, we can say that the company is reliable. Their website is professionally built and very clear. Also, they protect the clients and writers with clear terms and conditions. We consider that they are flexible enough when it comes to payment methods. We also checked samples prepared by different writers and their quality was ok. So, we can conclude that customers can trust their services.


We like Edudemius for various reasons. Below we have selected the most important elements that recommend this company:

  • High commitment to respecting deadlines
  • Budget-friendly fees
  • Attractive referral solutions and discounts
  • Professionally built and easy to use website
  • 24/7 availability for the customer support department
  • Collaboration with many ENL writers
  • A diverse list of services
  • Confidentiality and data protection policies


We may like Edudemius for their professionalism, but we have to admit that there is room for improvement. So, we identified the following weak points:

  • PayPal is not available as a payment method
  • You can get a discount only after you discuss with the customer support department

To Sum Up

Edudemius deserves a top place in our reviews list as they do anything they can to protect clients. We found many happy customers who came with clear examples of how Edudemius helped with high-quality content. We consider that the company is on the right track and clients should trust them for future orders. We give them a confidence vote based on their comprehensive policies and customer support availability. If you add the friendly prices to all these elements, you should have no fear that Edudemius writers will deliver the paper you need.

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