About us

Hey there. My name is Shelly Clark.  A number of years ago, I was a college student like you are today. I was a communications major, with emphasis on content marketing, and today I earn my living creating copy for businesses – for their marketing and advertising and their online needs – websites, blogs, and social media platforms. I love what I do, and, over the few years since college, have produced writing of all types for my clients.

A very curious thing, though. When I was in college, all of the coursework in my major field courses required me to produce one type of writing; in my other courses, I had to produce essays and papers that were far more formal and scholarly. I actually loved both types. My roommate, on the other hand, was a pre-med student and hated to write – hated it so much that she even talked me into writing a couple of essays for her. Of course, I didn’t have time to do this on a permanent basis, so she began to use online writing services to get the research and writing she needed for her non-science classes.

Here’s the Thing About Those Writing Services 

Sometimes Linda (my roommate) would get a really good piece of writing from a company she used. But, a lot of the time, she got duds, wasting both money and time. The sad thing was, it was really hard for her to know in advance whether a company was reliable or not and whether they could produce high quality writing. It really was the “luck of the draw.”

Linda and I have kept in touch since we both graduated. She has finished med school and is now in the middle of her residency. But even in med school, she had to write “non-scientific” essays and papers, in courses like medical ethics. And again, she struggled to find a writing service that was good.

I have thought a lot about this in the past few years. It seemed to me that students should have a source for honest and objective reviews of writing services so that they could make good choices. And this was something that I actually could do for them. Thus, my website was born.

What You’ll Find on My Site 

My main focus is on doing all of the research on writing services that students don’t have the time to do. I dig deep. During my investigations, I read every word on the websites, I contact them and ask tough questions, I check out information on their employed writers (most are freelancers), their pricing structures, policies, and guarantees. Beyond that, I openly seek out students who have used them and read about their experiences. I have even been sent some copies of what these companies have produced. Once finished, I write up a detailed summary of everything I have found and make recommendations. Any student can access these and get straight talk.

There’s More

On this website, we’ve also created a blog. Some of the articles I have written myself; some have actually been written by some users. You’ll find lots of great stuff, including tips and strategies for becoming a better writer, but also entertaining and inspirational pieces about student life in general.

Come on board. You’ll have a great resource for finding the perfect writing company to match your needs. And you’ll develop new friendships with students from all over, while you give and get advice and tips.